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Lenses and Optical Options

We proudly offer a variety of optical options for your choice of comfort and clarity.

Transitions lenses are clear indoors and at night but automatically adjust their level of tint to changing light conditions outdoors. They provide visual comfort and quality at any and every moment, helping you to see better today. And now, Transitions lenses provide UV 400 protection.*1

The Kodak Lens research and development teams are constantly striving to 'better the best' in all lens materials and designs. At Kodak Lens, we have high standards, and want to remain ahead of the rest. All of our lenses are technologically advanced to give wearers an enhanced visual experience; from our anti-reflection coatings, that will virtually eliminate all reflections on your lenses (making them clearer to look through), to our Thin & Lite lenses which give you better looking glasses that feel so much more comfortable to wear.*2

Varilux meaning "variable light" was named to demonstrate the progressive, or variable, power of the lens. Not only is it the first progressive lens ever designed, Varilux continues to be the #1 prescribed progressive lens by eye care professionals around the world. In fact, every minute there are 20 new Varilux wearers worldwide!*3

Corning SunSensors lens material is the in-mass photochromic technology, which disperses photochromic molecules throughout the lens material. This is the first in-mass photochromic material to optimize a wide variety of properties including darkening, speed of reaction, attractive colors and longer life. This breakthrough technology raises the standard for how plastic photochromic lens materials should perform.*4

Progressive lens patients can now be fit in a wider selection of frames with outstanding visual performance. Compact ULTRA’s (one type in the SOLA line) patented design and revolutionary 9mm corridor deliver: Unsurpassed full-power reading vision in small and ultra-small frames; soft, smooth geometry for greater viewing comfort and easier adaptation; carefully controlled astigmatism for excellent binocular vision; and low skew distortion for comfortable dynamic vision.*5

Our lens types include, but are not limited to, the follwing:

Lenses: Essilor, Crizal Avance, Scotchgard, 3M, Definity, Accolade, Airwear, Corning.
Lenses: GT2 by Zeiss, Thin & Lite, Thin&Lite, Teflon Clear Coat Lenses, AO easy, Zeiss.

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